What students are saying about the coaching

I am very glad to be personally coached.

My Coach, Nathalie Dahl, brought me to think about different areas of my life. Especially I corrected my high expectations towards others and myself to a much more realistic level. Now I can score better. And feel much more satisfaction. Also she showed me, how consistent I already work. Funny, but that was new for my mind, I did not see that a felt unhappy. All in all my results get better and better and I move on against my goals. Thank you very much for that experience.

I feel good about the mile stone meetings and to report to somebody. I need more structure and frame in the moment, this gives me a kind of it. Sometimes I am too hard and angry with myself and Nathalie shows me how to see it in a more positive way to be more positive overall.

This enables me to give a lot of my positive power to others and forward on my experience with self-developing. So I will be a very good Multiplicator for the coaching and visions to make the world better through education and enabling power within us.

Martin Ledvinka, Germany


Thanks to the target coaching my self-awareness increased significantly and I learned a lot about myself, my strengths and weaknesses and how to influence my environments. People now perceive me completely different, they are impressed by my drive and positivity and they can feel that I have clarity about myself. My mindset got significantly more positive (more can-do attitude, not so much doubt anymore that I am on the right track).

During the coaching process I was able to define my purpose and my target group, I discussed my business plans with my boss (as I am 100% employee today) and got his buy-in and support for execution of my plans! And I have a business plan  and bought the URL for the business.

I want to continue being supported and held accountable by my coach, because I have sometimes so many ideas and tend to lose focus or feel overwhelmed because I feel like there is so much to do. Nathalie keeps me on track and re-focusses me to what is really important. I am afraid to be lost in everyday life again and will never get the business (that I am so close to have up and running) released if I don't have a coach holding me accountable. I need the urge of somebody standing behind me and making sure that I follow through on what we have agreed - especially in moments when I am moving out of my comfort zone (which will definitely happen when I have to do my first sale). Without a coach to continue supporting me, I am afraid that all the investments I have made so far will not pay out in the end because fear will hold me back if nobody is pushing me.

I am right now exactly at the brink of being a business person and starting out with the business - when I  continue working with Nathalie, I will see massive success over the next weeks and months and you will get a lifetime customer in return.

Mona Tenjo, Heidelberg Germany



Last year my successful carreer as a sales manager in a midsize UK technology company was taken from me because of internal disputes - and I found out the truth about the saying: YOU ARE NEVER SAFE in a secure Job.

Thanks to the program that came just in the right moment, I was able to pick myself up and created my new training business from scratch right away! It helped me conquer my Little Voices that have held me back from being in tune with my purpose for a long time. My fears were keeping me from doing what I was supposed to and I was actually holding on to things that held me back from being outstanding.

Now I can really start to see how its going to happen, my vision is clearer and the program and support of Nathalie gave me the courage to start working on my own business with great success - best decision of my life! I now know that I am on the right track with mission and I had a major REALIZATION: I’M JUST MAKING THINGS UP! And there is nothing to worry about and nothing to fear.

In the beginning of month 3 of the program I was able to make back my original investment of the program 3 times already (!), and I now feel good inside, happy, calm, connected with what’s going on. Nathalie knows how to push me to reach my potential and to help me outline the clear steps and stages I need to take to accelerate my property and sales training business. I feel so close to being on stage in front of a lot of people and I can already envision the courses and trainings I am putting together now.

I have this little ball of happiness inside me when I think about all the great things that have happend since I made my decision, all the parts and pieces of the puzzle that have fallen into place, I was hired to do several trainings from stage, got my first high end clients and am now working with some of the biggest names in the industry.

 It is month 4 of the MBO program and I already have a fully booked schedule - it is now time to start thinking about how to scale my business by creating a community of coaches and trainers. This is incredible! Thank you so much for your support and for creating this program!


Mark Harvey, UK








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